ERROR MESSAGE: The event structure on the selected tracks is too complex??

After I tried PROJECT/ CONVERT TRACKS/ MONO TO MULTI-CHANNEL on the 6 clips (on 6 separate tracks) I recorded with my DPA5100 5.1-mic, Nuendo returned the following error-message:
“The event structure on the selected tracks is too complex.
Merge is not possible.”

What is happening under Nuendo’s hood that it finds this simple 5.1-file “too complex” ? And why doesn’t it show some kind of a solution?
Any thoughts?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

When I moved these 6 clips from the 6 mono tracks in my “working tracks-area” to 6 mono tracks in my “background-stem area” , it worked!
My working tracks have all processing switched off (like EQ, inserts, filters etc. etc.) and still Nuendo thinks there is something “too complex”…
What am I doing wrong?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Are the tracks whole or are they edited? If one of the audio files are edited (split, variaudio,etc) you’ll get the error message.

The 6 audio files themselves are not cut nor separated or edited; they are actually as they have been recorded.

The strange thing is that the “Convert Mono to Multi Channel”-feature actually worked when I moved these 6 audio files from my 6 mono “working tracks” to my 6 mono “backgrounds tracks”…

What does Nuendo mean with “too complex” ???
I remember Steinberg advertising with: “Nuendo, the advanced DAW” not-so-long-ago…I hope it’s not getting “too complex” ?? :wink:
Thanks for your help.

Niek/ Amsterdam