Error message 'The video engine is not loaded'

As written in the topic. I’m scoring a video and all of a sudden the video has disappeared from the flow. Trying to re-attach doesn’t work. I get the error message saying the ‘The video engine is not loaded’.
No idea, roaming the internet didn’t show any similar problems, so I’m stuck now.
Any ideas here? All help highly appreciated.

If you quit and restart the application, does it come back?

Do I remember rightly that you had previously removed the video engine because it is known to produce higher than normal CPU usage compared to the version provided with Dorico 2? If so, then you’ll obviously have to put it back if you want to carry on working with video.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for getting back to me this quick!

But the answer to both of your questions is a simple no.
I didn’t have to uninstall the video engine, so I’m afraid you have someone else in mind.

The video isn’t there anymore from monday. Since then I’ve restarted Dorico several times, but there’s no change. Is it possible to install the video engine seperately, or do I have to do a full install of Dorico? If it’s a full install, will it overwrite my preferences and vst whitelist?

No, if you’ve not mucked around with your installation, then the video engine will still be there. Are you able to attach a different video to a new project, i.e. is the problem limited to this one specific video file, or is it a broader problem?

I tried attaching a video to a new empty project, but still I get the same error message. So, I guess I somehow have to reload/restart the video engine, but how is this done?

This is probably a silly question, but have you restarted the computer since the problem occurred? That might help rest the video engine even if you still have to relink the video to your project.

Yes, I always shut down my pc when I stop working by the end of the day.

Would you please check for the following component:
Win: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico3\Components\videoengine.dll
Mac: /Applications/Dorico 3/Contents/Components/videoengine.bundle
If it is not there, you better do a reinstallation.

Thanks, it has vanished from the folder. I really have no clue how that happened, since I never was in that folder before, didn’t even know it existed. But I will do a full install then.
Or is it possible to use the videoengine.dll from Dorico 2? Or is it totally different?

You should run the Dorico 3 installer again. No need to uninstall anything first.

Did it and all seems okay now. Thanks for the great support.