Error message 'There is an old USB driver installed'

After upgrading my Windows 7 to Version 10, I’m getting the following error message whenever I open any of my Cubase LE Ver 5 & 8 Program: ‘There is an old USB driver installed. Please install the corresponding new USB driver’.

  • have run the known ‘Drivereasy’ drivers-updating Utility on the whole newly installed Windows 10 which found 1 outdated driver BUT this problem related to your Cubase LE Ver 5 & 8 Program has NOT been fixed
  • I’m also attaching a screenshot of this error.
    I CAN’T find any other ‘old USB driver’ anywhere in my PC-system which is as follows:
  • OS: Windows 10 Home, Ver 10.0.19042 (20H2), CPU; Intel Pentium D 935 3.20Ghz (dual core), x64-based processor, 32-bit.
    Do you use any ‘special’ USB driver in Cubase …?
    Your earlier advice & help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.
    Tony H.

Did you updated your eLicenser software to the latest version? Or at least to a version for Win10?