Error Message When Opening Hi-Res Audio File

I just installed WL 8.5 today, and after successfully opening a standard .m4a file, I attempted to open a hi-res (24/96) ALAC .m4a file. I was immediately greeted by the following error message:

“The file cannot be opened. The format is unknown or WaveLab could not find a suitable decoder on your system.”

FWIW, I’ll mention that the file can be played in JRiver MC, VLC, and iTunes.

Could someone tell me why this error occurred and what I need to do in order to be able to open this file and others like it?


[Win 7 64-bit]

I’ve found that Audacity—a free audio editor—is able to open and edit the hi-res files that WaveLab 8.5 cannot open. This demonstrates that the issue here is with WaveLab, not the files themselves.

I would appreciate it if someone could explain why WaveLab is not able to open these files.

Are you using WaveLab version 8.5.20 ?


I’m currently using 8.5.0 (build 849). WaveLab’s “Check for Updates” feature took me to this incorrect page: .

Don’t know why WaveLab directed me to an incorrect page. Of course, I didn’t download that one.

After reading your post, I went to the Downloads section of the website, and arrived here:

This second webpage is a correct page, so I’ll download this update and report back here.

Thanks for your help!

Philippe, that update solved the problem. Thank you!