error message - WHY ???

Screen grab of error message N6_5.jpg
can anyone tell me why we keep getting these error messages?
it is always when we are recording a long file or program.

How long? Are you going over a file size limit maybe?

No. he intends to record a 3 hour podcast. but it shouldn’t hit the 2gb data limit.
what happens is the file looks like it recorded the file full length, but we get that error message and
when we stop recording the file draws hours shorter than it should.
it truncates the event to when the system incurred the error.

Ok, if it’s a common error with Nuendo then I have no idea what it is.

I guess if it’s 3 hrs and not stereo 24/96 or something it should be fine…

Have you tried swapping out disks? This sounds like what happens when a drive loses connection, even temporarily.