Error message

I get this message every time i start Cubase. Can’t understand what’s wrong :frowning:
Can anybody help, please?
Thanks in advance.

I contacted local steinberg help center here in czech republic - no reaction. Any ideas somebody plz?

If we knew more about your system configuration and which version of Cubase you are using (Elements, Pro, 9.0, 9.5.30?) there is a better chance folks can help. Lots of us put that info in our sigs so it is always available (hint, hint).

Have you installed the latest version of the elicense software? If so maybe uninstall & reinstall from a fresh download.

(Looks like Win10 and Cubase Artist, or lower. )

This error concerns the disk-based elicenser, which is used for the Cubase, LE, AI, and Elements.

So if you own Cubase Artist or Cubase Pro and you have the USB key, and it’s working, you can ignore the error.

But if you own Cubase Elements, you need to fix it, so read this:

Thanks for reply! Yeah, it works, but this message was annoying :slight_smile: and i wasn’t sure what if i did all correct. So, it’s ok, i will ignore that message. Thanks man.
Help center here in Czech republic is passive and ignorant. Can’t even get in touch with them.