Error messages....

Hello Steinberg and/or Cubase users
I’m running Cubase 10.5. Licence all up to date etc. But when I plug in certain FX, especially reverbs, I get error messages.
Today I tried REV-X Plate, REV-X Hall, and REV-X Room. They all gave the following error message.

Application ‘REV-X VST 3’ has caused the following error:
eLicenser(s) contain(s) no valid license for this application.

  • For troubleshooting information click .
  • Click to view available licenses.
  • Connect a valid eLicenser and click .
  • Click to abort.

Anyone got any idea why this is happening?


These are plug-ins bundled with your (Steinberg) hardware. Please find the “ESSENTIAL PRODUCT LICENSE INFORMATION” paper in the box and activate it.

You need to ACTIVATE a license for the plug-ins.

Hello folks
Sorry but you’ve lost me. Which Steinberg hardware is this? Is it the UR44 maybe? I’m not aware that I have anything else…
I don’t have any box either. Can I maybe get just a few further tips on this journey of discovery?

Uninstall the Rev-X stuff. You don’t have a license for it. It comes with UR units.


Yes, for example UR44. Any UR Steinberg hardware.