Error on download link cubase le 8 from scarlett studio

Hi sorry im rather new here, anyway i’ll get right to the point, the link that comes with the focusrite scarlett studio bundle seems to be broken, or should i say the download link of cubase le 8? it says error, archive either wrong format or damaged. i hope it can be resolved soon, thank you


Sorry to hear that you’ve been having some problems. Is the download starting when you click the download link, or is that when you see the error?

If the download is starting, is it completing uninterrupted? If the downloaded file it smaller than 2GB then something is interrupting the download, if this is the case please try temporarily disabling any anti-virus/firewall software you have and then test again with a different browser (e.g. Google Chrome).

If the error is occurring when you try to open the downloaded file after checking that the download is going through smoothly then it could be that Windows has not assigned an appropriate program to unzip the file. If using Windows 7, 8 or 10, please right-click on the downloaded file and select ‘Properties’. In here, ensure that the program set to open the file is ‘File Explorer’ or ‘Windows Explorer’, then test again.

I hope this helps, if the problem persists please feel free to contact us here at Focusrite directly and we can help you look into this:

Best regards,
Jack // Focusrite Technical Support