Error on launch: “An essential component used by Dorico for playback has not been found.”

Hello! When I launch Dorico 5, I’m greeted with the following alert:

(Indian Drum Basics / Groove Agent SE 5 – Content)

But I can’t find them anywhere:

  • Not in Steinberg Download Assistant
  • Not in Steinberg Library Manager
  • Not in /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content

How can I get out of this state? I already tried Preferences… > VST Plug-ins > Reset Audio Engine Data, but no dice.

Diagnostics attached. Thanks!
Dorico (460.9 KB)

In Steinberg Download Assistant click on Dorico, Then Dorico 5: you find all the needed downloads there.


Ah! Then consider this a request to reword the text in the alert, or in Steinberg Download Manager, or have a button link to it directly — “My Product Downloads” sounded like it would just download the Dorico app, not any related content!