Error opening file (2023)

I’ve been editing a dorico file on iPad (version for the last several days, and now get a “Error opening file” message - (a bit sad when it happened…) I know this was an issue in the past with iPad, but I had thought it was sorted now.
My iPad is quite old (6th gen) running software version 15.4. In preferences the “Saving Projects” is set to “iCloud Drive”, but the actual save location seems to be
“/private/var/mobile/Library/Mobile Documents/icloud~com~steinberg~iosdorico/Documents”, which I am not convinced is what I should be expecting.
I don’t know enough about iPads to access this file (it does not seem to be visible to me from the Files app for instance).
I am 99.9% certain that I created this project on the iPad (a couple of weeks ago or so), and have, as I say, have been happily editing it on and off since.
Any advice?
Geoff D.

Sorry to hear that you have had this problem, Geoff. You may be able to go to in your browser and look at the different versions of the file that are saved there, and retrieve an older version.

Thanks Daniel - appreciated.
I did not have any joy trying to recover files via the iCloud link. I have been able to re-enter all the music on the Windows version of Dorico, so that is all fine. I need to revisit how file sharing is meant to work on Dorico, as I don’t think I have it working how it should.
Geoff D.