Error opening file: Invalid file format 2.0

Im suddenly unable to open the attached project, including all the backup files. Upon trying, I get the “Invalid file format” error.

Is there any way to fix this? (1.3 MB)

It looks like the file is corrupted.

Make a copy of the original Dorico project
On the copy, change the .dorico on the end (the file type) to .zip
Double-click the renamed file
Inside the folder which opens you will find a folder called supplementary_data
Inside that will be a folder called preview
Inside that is a 3-page PDF file called preview.pdf
preview.pdf (77.0 KB)

Unless the team at Dorico can fix the Dorico project, you will probably have to re-enter the notes using preview.pdf as a guide.

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Thanks so much for the help, Steve!

I’ll cross my fingers for the team having an easy fix, and dreading the day this happens to a 200 page symphony.

An older version is usually available in the backup folder. If you know when the project was last successfully opened, you can find the corresponding file version by looking at the timestamp included in the backup filename. That might be less work than re-entering the music :slight_smile:

Thanks, but even the backup files that where successfully opened yesterday are now corrupted. I have no idea how.