"Error opening file: Invalid file format"

Hello there,

Just yesterday I was working on an arrangement of a piece on my laptop. I had to leave it for a moment so I closed the lid with my e-licenser in and dorico still active. When I came back Dorico crashed and now the file seems to be corrupted (error message: Error opening file: Invalid file format)
Another funky thing is that while I was working on this arrangement (before the detremental crash) I got the message that ‘this file can’t’ be saved’, or something akin to that. So I safed the file as ‘earth song2’ (which worked and I also managed to close dorico and open the new file). However: that original file (earth song) gives the exact same message as the new one.
I’ve read across the forums for a bit, but I can’t seem to find a conclusive answer. I saw one thread suggesting a reïnstall, but I tried opening the files on another computer which also didn’t work.
Both files attached as a .zip file below!
Earth Song 1 & 2.zip (1.5 KB)

Thank you very much in advance.

It has happened to me to work on a certain file someone sent me and it was impossible for me to save. The solution I found was importing the flow(s) into a new pristine file. Everything went smoothly then. I have no idea what could cause that, but I hope it will help you to go on with your work without wasting time.

Thanks for the tip! But this doesn’t seem to work for me. Just more of the same error message (on both files) :grimacing:

Have you restarted your computer since the problem appeared?
I’m guessing you have, but I thought I’d ask.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Dorico projects in the zip file you attached have no music in them. If I start a new Dorico project with the Silence playback template applied and immediately save it, the file is several hundred kilobytes long. But the zip file you attached is only 1.5 kilobytes long. So I’m afraid there is nothing to recover.

I have. I also tried opening the file on another system but alas… Other dorico files work fine on both machines so I don’t think it’s the installation in this case.

Ah yeah, that detail passed me by it seems. That’s quite weird honestly, since I have the habit of pressing save file after most events in setting up a score. I must’ve saved it a couple of times before I got the initial error, and I certainly did a couple of times after (so on the new file).
It’s honestly quite scary that a file can just corrupt like that (I have files that I’ve worked on for months and even though I do make hard copies it’d still be a ton of work to digitize everything again). Luckily just a couple of days for this particular project. Guess I better get on with it again :smile:
Thanks for pointing it out. (Might have to investigate a little further if I get a similar error message again.)

There is no substitute for backing up frequently.

Martijn, I’m sorry that you lost some of your work. It’s worth knowing that inside the Dorico Projects folder in your computer’s documents folder, you’ll find a Backup Projects folder, in which a number of recent backups for each of the projects you’ve been working on can be found. Hopefully one or other of those can be opened, allowing you to recover at least most of your work.