"Error opening file" - iPad to MacOS

Hello - I’m almost 19 hours into a typesetting project for a client and recently had to go out of town, so I took my iPad and got a bit of work done using Dorico for iPad. Now when I try to open the file on my home computer, I get an “Error opening file” message. I need to finish this project in the next week or so, and can’t in good conscience bill for 19 hours that I have to repeat, so I’m greatly hoping someone can help me with this! Thank you!

Dorico makes backup copies by default in the “Backup Projects” folder; plus you’ll have your own backup strategy: so you should have a copy of most of the work you’ve put in somewhere.

For more than that, you’ll need to send the damaged file to one of the Steinberg team.

Thanks! For some reason this particular file isn’t showing up in the Dorico Backups folder, which may or may not relate to the issue - I’ll reach out to the team. Thank you!

Check the Trash for AutoSave copies, and also any backups you made, e.g. Time Machine on Mac will make them every hour.

Thank you! Yes, I ended up finding it in an additional backup folder Dorico had created that I didn’t even know existed. I’ve since gone into the settings and made sure it’s saving everything where I’m expecting!

Thanks again!