error opening file/permission denied...


With one project I keep getting this message. I tried all kinds of exchanges as audio-engine etc.but no luck, please can someone look into this?

Thanks in advance!
Kom, (437 KB)
Kom Schepper, (146 KB)

Can you please post a screen shot of the error you are receiving? Also, can you please include what operating system, what version and build of Dorico you have, and what audio interface you are using? Is there anything unique about the project in comparison to your other projects? Thank you.

We’ve taken a look at these files and I’m afraid to say they are corrupted and we can’t recover their contents. Can you tell us anything about what might have happened to cause these files to become corrupt? Have you had any problems with your hard disk or your filesystem? Did Dorico crash in the middle of saving?

We will soon be adding an auto-backup feature to Dorico that will retain a certain number of copies of the project in a special location each time you save, so that if you encounter a problem like this in the future, hopefully you’ll be able to recover a previous version that Dorico will have squirrelled away. (We also plan to implement an auto-save feature, though that most likely wouldn’t help in a case like this.)

Thank Daniel and Chris to find time to look into this matter. It was a piece for violin and organ although I changed instrument because I wanted a tho-staff organ. So I took a piano and changed the sound-slot in Halion to organ. I had some idle slots in there as well as violin and flute. It started out as an imported xml file from Finale 25.
I also had four flows of which I swapped places flows three and four.

I’ve had some trouble with voices; e.g. which color is which voice and how to edit this for I had a two part writing and the notes were always set apart next to each other instead of properly aligned.
I have Dorico / vst engine on Win 7 prof. 64 bits. All other files could be opened wthout any flaws.

Again, I appreciate your kind and great and fast help as I am on the forum daily reading almost any post for it helps me a lot. I love Dorico: finally a tool that works with you instead of against you; exactly as I always felt it…
Looking forward to the next update!
With kind regards,


Thanks, Frank. So you saved the project and then when you next tried to reopen it, it would no longer open? That’s definitely worrying, and not something we have seen reported elsewhere. I hope it won’t take you too much work to reconstruct your edits.

You’re very welcome! I’m working on it as we speak…I’ll live…
Good luck striving for the best in Notation-land…