Error Opening Project File


I started arranging a theme for orchestra a while ago (must have been Dorico 2).
Can you help me open the project file again?

Thank you very much!

StarStarSpace.dorico (656.3 KB)

All I can tell is that:

  • Dorico 4 can’t open it.
  • Dorico 2 can’t open it.
  • If I append .zip to the filename and try to unzip it, I can’t unzip it (and typically one should be able to, given Dorico files are effectively zipped folders).

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can figure out what’s wrong with the file.

When I open this file with a hex editor it shows to be completely filled with zeroes.

Unfortunately it looks as if this file has been damaged on disk. Please check your backups for earlier versions of your project file.

Well, that’s unfortunate. However, thanks to all for having a look :slight_smile:
Seems that I will have to reorchestrate a lot of material.