Error "Output filename not valid" when rendering


I get an error message regarding filename, “Output filename is not valid”, when trying to render a CD track from a Montage.
It works okay when using same settings and naming schema for Selected Clips in the same Montage, so what is the problem or difference?

I use this sheme which works OK for selected clips but not for CD Tracks: “\CDTextTitle (CDTextID)\Name”.

  • For selected clips I get correct subfolder and filename

  • For CD tracks I get the error message! But if I remove the backslashes for the subfolder in the naming scheme, it works, i.e. I get correct filename but no subfolder.

Why this difference?
Is this a bug?


This message happens when an illegal character is found in the file of folder name. Check this.


Yes, I guessed as much and looked for it.
But the CD tracks are named without unusual characters or spaces etc.

The thing is that it (the naming preset) worked okay for Selected clips, clip names that contains a lot more various characters.
The main difference was that it worked for CD Tracks first after I had removed backslashes in the naming scheme.

Why did it work for Selected clips with the same backslashes in that case?


backslashes are forbidden characters in names.


Yes, as a part of the name, but by using backlash you can make Windows create subfolders.

So by

  • setting location to: ”…/Music/Master”
  • using naming scheme: ”//”
  • I get WL to create a subfolder with album name and put the files here: …/Music/Master/Album name/Clips…

This works for Selected clips but not for CD Tracks.
I would assume creating and naming rendered files would be performed in the same way regardless if clip or region?

Will send you some images later when using WL again!

/ Hackej