"Error saving file" while exporting flows

Hitting a vague “Error saving file” message when trying to use File > Export > Flows.

Doesn’t seem to matter which options I have selected in the Export Flows dialog box. I’ve rebooted the computer and Dorico, and still happening. The message pops up twice in a row each time it happens.

Screen recording link below, and attaching an application.log file.

I saw the below thread, but since I’m only hitting this while exporting (saving the project is functioning normally), it seemed worthy of a separate thread.

application.log.zip (1.84 KB)

I’d need to have the actual project in order to look into what is going on here, so please either zip it up and attach it here, or send it to me by email.

FYI, I’m still unable to export flows in this same project, on Dorico

Daniel, I’ve emailed you the latest project where I’m hitting this.

Here’s a link to a vid of the error happening in 1.1.10:


The cause of this is most likely due to a bug that we’ve fixed for the next update, which is where a flow title or layout contains an illegal filename character. The workaround is to rename any flows that contain a colon or ampersand character (among others).

Thanks for the reply Paul.

Looking at my project, I don’t see any colons or ampersands in any of the flow names. I do have pound/hash signs, hyphens, parens, commas, and exclamation points though. Any of those on the illegal list?

I’m not sure. Forward slashes are definitely illegal - don’t know about the rest.