Error: Some audio files are missing. Please check installation

Hi, Just today this message has started showing up and Dorico Version has been crashing a lot.
“HALion Sonic SE Some audio files are missing. Please check installation.”
What can I do to check the installation and fix the problem?
Thank you!
Mac OS Ventura 13.1 on 2018 Mac Mini

Sorry to hear about the crashes you’ve been experiencing. Could you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here? This will allow us to get a look at the crash logs created when Dorico falls over.

In the meantime, I suggest you run Steinberg Download Assistant, and find “Dorico Pro 4” in the list of products on the left-hand side. Then select Sound Content for Dorico Pro 4 (recommended) on the right-hand side, and reinstall that item. Hopefully that will take care of it.

Thank you, Daniel. I couldn’t find a place to upload files to the forum, so I sent you an e-mail with a link to the Diagnostic Report.
And this info may be relevant: when I originally installed Dorico 4 (upgrade from 3.5), I did not install the “Sound Content for Dorico 4” because it requires 10.02 GB and I use Note Performer. I can install it, but don’t want to, since my hard drive is spatially challenged. I also have poor internet service, so I didn’t want to use up bandwidth. If it’s not required to install that 10GB of files to get my functionality back, I’ll not do it, but if you think I should go ahead, I will.
I get files from another Dorico user for me to input lyrics into, and I think the files he sends me may have HALion sounds or some other playback option chosen.

HALion Sonic SE shouldn’t crash even if the samples are not installed, but it will remind you about the fact that the sounds aren’t installed until you tell it not to warn you any more. If you’re only going to use NotePerformer, be sure to set the default playback template in Preferences appropriately.

In the diagnostics you’ve sent me, there’s one crash in HALion Sonic SE itself, bringing down the audio engine, and a crash in Dorico when it’s trying to communicate with the audio engine. When you say Dorico has been crashing “a lot”, do you mean that it has been hanging and you have had to force quit it?

I do have NotePerformer set as the default playback template (and it was that way before the crashes started).

I did have to force quit once when Dorico “hung” (“not responding”; I don’t recall where I was).
Otherwise, Dorico has crashed on its own several times today (i.e., completely shut down on its own)
I chose not to report the crashes to Apple, assuming it would do no good.

Regardless of whether you report the crashes to Apple, the logs when Dorico crashes will be collected by Dorico itself when you do Create Diagnostic Report, but the diagnostics you sent contained only one Dorico crash, and one audio engine crash. If you experience more crashes today, please create a new diagnostic report and attach it here.

Thank you, Daniel. Late last evening Dorico was working OK without any crashes, so we’ll see how it goes. I haven’t yet started with it today, but will soon. I’ll send you any diagnostic reports after crashes if they continue to occur.

One thing I did was shut down the Mac and restart before my last attempt to use Dorico yesterday, so maybe that is why it is not crashing / hanging now.

Just happened again (crashed, not just hung). What I did was open a Dorico v. 3 file what had HALion set as the playback option. I had opened another Dorico v. 3 file probably an hour earlier that had the same playback setting embedded in it, and I saw the warning come up that some audio files are missing.

I promptly changed it to NotePerformer and Dorico 4 did not crash that time.
Dorico (1.2 MB)

Just happened again.

Same order of events as last time. As soon as I click on NotePerformer, Dorico crashes. I will restart the Mac and see if I get one free opening of a Dorico 3 file with HALion selected in it or not.

Then I guess tonight I need to try to see if I can get the 10GB file to download.
Dorico (1.2 MB)

And again.

Same as last process. Only difference is that this time I restarted the computer before trying to open the Dorico 3 file.
Dorico (1.2 MB)

I did just succeed in opening a Dorico 4 file with HALion Sonic SE as the playback option. I got the error message, but was able to change the playback option to NotePerformer.

Found a workaround: open the v. 3 file and immediately save it as v. 4. Then it seems I can select the NotePerformer playback without Dorico crashing.

I’m trying to download, but I doubt it will even finish it.

The 10GB of data did download overnight. I think it has installed. No crashes so far.

Sorry not to have come back to this thread more quickly. It looks as if the crashes on your system might have been caused by an older version of HALion Sonic SE, perhaps. Is everything still stable for you now?

Thank you, Daniel. All is well now. I think that was the problem. Once I got it all downloaded & installed the problem went away. My “wheel” would have kept squeaking if the problem had persisted, so it’s no problem that you didn’t answer any more.

I have Dorico 5 installed. However I get the. “Some audio files are missing, check installation” from Halion Sonic error message when I open a project that worked on Dorico 4. Any help anywhere - have tried looking at file permissions but am at a loss.

Hi @robert_chadwick2 , welcome to the forum and don’t worry we will get you there.
So you have Dorico 4 installed and sound with that one, right?
When installing Dorico5, did you also install the new HALion Sonic Selection content? If not, then please do that. Then also follow the advice as given by Daniel in this thread. That should let you going. Should you still have trouble, come back here, I have more advice to give.

Thanks. I used the Steinberg installation process so will check if that was among the various files. If it’s not there where can I get it from?

You can also download it from here.
You need to get the package HALion Sonic 7 Content for Dorico Pro 5 for either Mac or Win.