Error: some Files were Not Deleted


Anyone had this before. I just wanted to delete unused files from the pool. After the process Nuendo gave me this error “Some files were not deleted”. But I couldn’t click that message away. The OK button didn’t work. I could not quit Nuendo and I could not even shut down the computer, because Nuendo canceled the shut down. So I actually had to pull the plug of my Mac Pro.



I get this once in a while on the PC when I try to empty the trash in the pool.
Clicking OK on the message does not work
clicking the X on the pop up window to close it does
and the files in question are then actually deleted.

Thanks, sadly a Mac does not have this X.


I often get the message “Some files were not deleted”. Usually the files are still visible in the pool but closing and opening the pool gets rid of them. However, there are often AIF’s in the Audio folder with a size of 0kb which are not shown in the pool. I think there is a long-standing issue with this but usually it’s not serious, just annoying if I’m trying to isolate some audio files for archive/export.

I never got the unclosable warning you got, but if I did I would use Finder>Force Quit to close Nuendo rather than than pulling the power cord.

Thanks, I tried to use force quit, but it wasn’t on offer. There was just quit and that did not work. So my only chance was to pull the plug. The files in the trash were deleted in the end. But since I had to pull the plug Nuendo does not remember the emty trash action and tells me know that some files are missing when I am opening the project. So I had to back it up again with the “remove unused files” option" in order to get rid of that warning. It is a bit annoying.