Error when convert chord track to midi

The convert chord track to midi does not work, either when highlighting all chords and dragging to a midi track, or using the “Chords to MIDI” option. Both of these worked fine in previous versions of Cubase. The only option which works is dragging each chord individually into a midi track - which takes much longer.

Here are the issues created:
Highlighting all chords and dragging to a midi track: The chords overlap, i.e. notes for the first chord continue to play when the second chord starts
Chords to MIDI option: Each chord plays for a beat and then stops, leaving a gap until the next chord starts

When I drag and drop each chords individually there are no issues.

As an aside, “select all events” on chord track and dragging and dropping to a midi track also no longer works. You have to highlight only the chords and make sure none of the key changes are highlighted for this to work. This was not an issue in previous versions of cubase.

I have an example project files I will attempt to attach.

EXAMPLE.cpr (1.3 MB)

Anyone else experience this or just me?


It works as expected for me here. If I drag and drop all 7 Chord events to the MIDI/Instrument track, I get 7 MIDI Parts. Every single part with the relevant chord. Of course, I can shift + double-click the very 1st MIDI Part, to glue all MIDI Parts to one.

I have tested with your example.cpr file.

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Hi Martin, thanks for responding. I tried again with Cubase Safe Start Mode / Disable Preferences - the same issues occur.

My issue is that when chords are dragged and dropped they overlap. I’ve attached a version I just created - you can see the overlap at the beginning of bar 3. I’m working with long files with a high number of chord sequences so fixing this manually would be very time consuming :frowning:
EXAMPLE_2.cpr (1.5 MB)

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You have duplicate chords in the chord track.