Error when extending text.

Hi Folks,

Spotted a problem where Dorico gets upset when I continue text over several notes.

I mean where the singer sings several notes singing the same word, maybe six or so notes and a long ‘underscore’ is displayed under those notes.

Everything looks fine except Dorico displays an error messagebox with the single word ‘Error’ when I exit text mode.
I close the messagebox and just continue on my way as Dorico has done what I asked for. No other issues.

Just odd behaviour.
Thought you’d like to know.


Hi Folks,

A little more information.

As I continued with the next note, I noticed that the new note’s text was included in the last notes text extension, so I had to redo the extended text to make it shorter.


Hi Folks,

Caught in the act! See the attachment.

Thanks. (13.3 KB)

But wait, there’s more. (12.5 KB)

You don’t need to zip up a PNG or JPG file to attach it here. Only Dorico projects and things like PDFs or other formats need to be zipped before you attach them.

I’m not sure what could be going wrong here, as hitting Space to extend a lyric to the next note is about as basic an operation in lyric input as you can get! What key are you pressing to leave lyric input? You should find that both Return and Esc work just fine.