Error when starting Cubase AI 12 with UR22C

Hi, when I’m starting Cubase I always get three errors but the files are there:

After some seconds Cubases freezes and is not coming back (waited 15 Minutes)

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling UR-C extension, same error.
Does anybody know how to solve this?

UR22C has been updated to latest firmware.
I had Cubase 11 and 12 installed so I removed 11 but did not help

Greetings, Martin

Nobody has this?
Hmm, I’ll try to find out whats special about my PC then.
Please give me a hint if you also hit this problem.

I don’t have that interface, so I am only guessing… To me it seems like that UR-C extension installs something in the Cubase folder or some plugin into the VST3 folder, but what is installed there is not the correct version, maybe an older one? Dunno exactly.

Has this at some point in time worked? If yes, what did you maybe change after which it didn’t work. Did you update something?

When installing/reinstalling the URC extension, did you exactly follow the instructions in the install guide?

If we assume that some update/install left some old version or problem behind, I would do:
uninstall the extension, uninstall C12, check whether there are some files left in “c:\Program files\Steinberg\Cubase 12 AI” (or whatever it is called) and delete them , then check “c:\program files\Common Files\VST3” for anything that looks like it belongs to UR-C (that Channel strip thingy e.g.). Then install Cubase again, then the extension according to the installation guide.
Maybe even disconnect the interface before all that.

If that doesn’t work, I’m out of ideas, sorry.

As well as the advice from @fese: Check if you are able to launch dspMixFX. If you are, this rules out the driver and the Tools for UR-C installation as culprit.

Yes, ich can start dspMixFX and it works flawlesly.
I also see the UR22C interface in Cubase and can change settings and it works.
My only problem is that I get error messages with every Cubase start.
This is really strange

But no more crashing?

You might Run Cubase in Safe Mode, just to rule out a prefs thing.

I had crashes after about 15 seconds in the App but now, after reinstalling some parts, it starts up, shows the errors but all works. No crashes, just the error in the begining.

Maybe this is something with 32/64 plugin? The 64 is used but 32 is loaded and throws error or so?
Just a wild guess.

Starting in safe mode without 3rd party plugins and disable preferences throws the same errors

Sorry, forgot to answer that.
It worked flawlessly with cubase 11
After installing cubase 12 the problem started.
Removing Cubase 11, reinstalling UR-C and reinstalling Cubase 12 did not help.

But I did not completely clean all the folders after removing cubase 12. But that would also mean, removing all Plugins that I have and reinstall all of them. Thats a lot of work…

If all the UR-C components work fine, it might be that the problem is not with the UR-C stuff itself, but with another component, maybe a plugin, that uses the same QT*.dlls , but expects a slightly different version (the error message “der Prozedureinstiegspunkt wurde nicht gefunden” hints to that) with different function names, but the windows linker has already loaded that version from UR-C and deems it appropriate for the other component…
What I would try is to search in explorer for other occurrences of the QT*.dlls on your C: drive, that might give you hints what it might be.
I know for example that newer Native instrument plugins also use QT.

Ah, thats a good hint, I’ll check that. Thanks for pointing me in this direction
hmm, but seems like its the UR-C plugin in Cubase…
If i disable all third party plugins, the error still occurs. So I guess its a Steinberg problem.

Uninstalled UR-C tools, error gone.
But I need them to change the settings in the UR-C

Also tried to install old V1.1 of the UR-C tools, same error…

Found out, that if I install the USB driver from the UR-C tools package V2.1.4 I have the crash problems again.
Updated to newest USB driver version, no more crashed but still the dll error message.