I do not know why this is happening… after a simple ctrl-right-click operation on an event/track… I get a popup error that something happened and I should save the file and close the program…

It happens randomly, at various times. I cannot make this error happen.

Anyone knows how to remedy this?

Cubase5.exe Version 5.5.3 Build 651 this my version

Thank you in advance.

I would try trashing your prefs.

thanks. Is this the file “default” ?

I did trash it… now, need to see if it helps the situation.

It’s the file “Preferences”.

“Trashing preferences” is usually referred to as deleting (renaming) the complete Cubase user data folder.

1 There’s no file PREFERENCES in cubase

2 If I delete the user filder, I will lose all my settings, plugin information, presets, etc.

Am I right?

You can save your existing user file under a different name or in a different folder. That way, you’ll still have it but Cubase won’t see it. Cubase will automatically create a new user file when you launch it. If it fixes your problem, then you have corrupt files in your saved file anyway.

ok, it make sense

so where do I find that file/files that carry info to my “VST Connections” All pluggins ets.?

I figure, I can save my projects’ presets folder and then paste it back with no harm…