Errors with Steinberg Download Assistant - Updating and downloading

Hi guys,

Since some time I’m having errors in the Download Assistant application. After start, it tries updating the separate components like the Install Assistant and the Activation manager and eLicenser Control Center but it keeps failing. Trying to download the software packages then fails with:

"An error occurred while downloading ‘Cubase Pro 12.0.40 - Application (Required)’.

Please try again later."


What I tried:

  • Uninstalled the application and all separate components
  • Disabled my antivirus and adblockers
  • Reinstalled the application and the separate components

All without success. I’ve tried looking for logfiles, but couldn’t find them.

Any ideas?
Cheers, Rob

Make sure you remove any orphaned download files.

Also, try a direct download from Cubase Pro 12 Downloads | Steinberg

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Hi Steve,

What do you mean with “orphaned download files” exactly?

Files in the download directory left over from the failed downloads.

But try the other url I linked to.

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No leftover files.
I found the logs btw, couldn’t make anything out of it though… :frowning: (6.8 KB)

Have the same problem/error… :confused:

I’m facing this issue with cubase 13 pro…how to solve this problem? tried uninstalling and installing.

Hi Balaji1,
I had the same problem and it was hardware related.
Can you provide hardware info?