Essential Logical Editor Commands...

I thought I would make this video on what I think are essential Cubase Logical Editor Commands that can be assigned to Midi Controllers and iPads. Hope it helps…


Watched the first 10 minutes so far … wonderful stuff, Jono - thanks so much for all that hard work!

Will be back to watch for more …

Nice video, Jono. Thanks. Great setup you’ve got there. :slight_smile:


What are you using on your iPad for the command buttons, Cubase iC Pro?

Got me wondering if a used iPad might be a useful purchase.

I’m using an App called Metagrid. Here’s a video I made on using Metagrid with Cubase Pro 9

Nice stuff. I’ve taken some of your basic concepts and worked out how to use my Akai Advance’s MPC-style pads to automate some 32 different functions with simple Note-off messages. Thanks for the good ideas.

Take care

P.S. stop buy’in stuff. :wink: