Essential: save samples directly into pool

An essential component of my workflow must be that I can completely archive a project and save it on an external NAS in a way where at any time I can bring that archived file up (even years from now on a completely different system) and be able to open the project. A sampler MUST save all the samples that it is referencing within the project itself. As far as I can tell the only way to guarantee this happens is to first drag the sample in to the pool manually and then “prepare archive” and then bring those samples into Halion. Too many steps and too many chances for something to go wrong!

At the very least, the “export Multi-program preset as VST 3” thing should be able to save the files into the pool. I understand that the user may want to use that preset in other projects so it doesn’t make sense to only save it in the pool, but we really need a way to easily consolidate all the assets of a project in to one place-especially if we are invested in the Steinberg ecosystem and are using Cubase/Nuendo.

Please make our lives easier so we can sleep well at night knowing that when we archive a project it is fully archived.

And one last thing-you can only use Halion if you have a license, right? And you can only use the Halion library samples if you have a license, right? So WHY would you make it so we can not save the samples from a library into a halion patch for backup? It makes no sense, and doesn’t “protect” anything since the only people that will be able to access the Halion will already have a license!

I am currently demoing Halion and it is AWESOME. These points above are unfortunately really big reasons why I might not be able to fully commit to it. With all this said, I am actually finding another robust sampler that does indeed actually make it easy to save everything in a project for easy archive, so if anyone has any recommendations then I am all ears.