Essential workflow request #1.

When you drag a track or an event up and down in the Project window you can’t go super fast when you drag it past the very top and bottom of the window. In PT (and Reaper and all other DAWs I’ve tried), when you drag a track up or down past the top or bottom edges of the project window it scrolls extremely fast, which is absolutely essential when you have large projects. My scoring template has, for example, close to 500 tracks total, and moving tracks up and down by large amounts is incredibly and maddeningly slow. By contrast, dragging on the timeline left or right all the way does what it should do - it goes into super fast scrolling mode. This is a major workflow issue.

sounds wise, but will it be heard? I doubt… It looks like Steinberg is busy making other stuff than their flagship product. Shares, Exchange, Board of directors… they are busy making money. No time to face their users :slight_smile: