est acoustic panels for small room?

Who has experience to share in hanging acoustical wall panels to treat a small (12’x12’) practice room? Not looking for absolute sound-proofing as much as deadening echo off bare walls and tile floor. Do you have a particular brand, or type, to recommend, or one to stay away from?

Of course it is up to your budget. I have great experience with GIK Acoustics. They have sales office in US and UK.

A lot of instruction videos of DIY panels at Youtube if you are on tight budget.

You can not do ANY sound-proofing with acoustic panels, just acustic adjustments.

re: GIK acoustics in the UK

a friend just bought some and the quality was distinctly suspect. Some were half filled - some were damaged. Support was basically useless.

Their answer to the half empty corner trap was “talk into it and if sounds muffled then it’s fine” (!) - I’m hoping they sort it as I suggested he buy them but not looking positive so far.

FWIW I normally build them myself using rockwool RW3 - you can make custom sizes and it’s 10% of the price of buying them.