Establishing movements

I am seeking to have each of six movements, xml import from musescore, start after a page break at measure one. In musescore this was done with section and page breaks, but the more I read about flows in the dorico documentation the more confused I get, and I’ve yet to find a clear explanation of how to do this simple common task.

If I’m reading your post correctly, you want each movement to be a flow. Then in Layout Options—Page Setup—Flows, set something like “flow starts on new page” or whatever it’s called.

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Thanks, but I don’t see how to assign a flow to each movement, which would appear to need to happen first.

Select bar where you want to split into a new Flow. Go to Write > Split Flow. You may need to scroll menu down as it’s at the bottom of the Menu.

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As @Craig_F says, split your imported xml into separate flows.
HINT: With 6 movements it will be quicker to start from the end of the file (movement 6) and work forward!

I don’t find a drop-down at “write”, just seeing “write” as one of four modes (play, engrave, etc). Perhaps that’s how it looks in the computer version but I am on the iPad. Or does one of the icons represent “split flow”? I tried searching on “split flow” in the dorico for iPad manual and it nets no results. But perhaps that is due to that manual not having been updated since v 1.2…

Not every command that you can access in Dorico for iPad is accessible via the menus at the present time, unfortunately. If you have a hardware keyboard attached to your iPad, you can hit J to show the jump bar, then type split flow and Dorico will allow you to choose that command from the jump bar. Make sure you have an item at the position where you want the new flow to begin selected.

That worked, thanks. Now I would appreciate knowing how to either keep flow headings from containing a number or how to alter that number, as I split flow between Bourree I and Bourree II. As with any baroque suite they should be numbered 5a and 5b rather than 5 and 6.

You’ll need to incorporate the flow number into the flow title if you need something other than the automatic flow number that Dorico itself maintains and shows to you in the relevant card in the Flows panel in Setup mode.

You can edit the flow heading to remove the {@flowNumber@} token in Engrave mode:

Add the manual flow numbers to the beginning of the Flow title field in File > Project Info.

OK, so I need to search the hidden commands accessed in engraver mode by hitting on a keyboard, as there are no icons or drop-downs that get you to the flow heading editor. Pretty obtuse, I must say, but thanks to you I got it done.