Et la guitare!

Bonjour, j’utilise guitare pro pour apprendre la guitare. Mais je ne sais pas comment créer une partition pour guitare, uniquement en tablature. Avec guitare pro j’utilise la paver numérique pour créer ma tablature, mais avec Dorico je ne comprends rien ! !
Mais surtout comment convertir les fichiers gp3 de guitare pro pour Dorico.
Merci de votre aide et conseil.

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Hello, I use guitar pro to learn guitar. But I don’t know how to create a guitar score, only in tablature. With guitar pro I use the numeric keypad to create my tablature, but with Dorico I don’t understand anything! !
But especially how to convert pro guitar gp3 files for Dorico.
Thank you for your help and advice.

@guitarefolk , welcome to the Forum.
If GuitarPro can export music XML, Dorico can import it onto a music staff to save you time. You could also manually type the required fingerings onto the TAB staff in a combined layout.

To set up a combined guitar/TAB staff you can Add a Guitar in Setup mode and then choose the Player > Fretted Instruments in Layout Options for any layout(s) you wish and decide in order to show Notation, TAB, or both.

Try this tutorial:

It’s for Dorico SE, but the procedures described apply to all variants of Dorico.