ETA of next C8.5 update increment?

2 months since 8.5.15 which did not address a lot of important bugs such as the ‘import from Track’ dialog checkbox bug. If any support people are in in the know here is there an 8.5.20 being dropped anytime soon? If so I’m wondering if theres any news on whats potentially fixed.

Also would like to know this.

On another thread, someone posted that there was a new update coming last week. Stated by Steinberg support. Obviously they missed the date but hopefully it will be here soon…

Oh, wow, good to know!

Lets hope it is not another missed opportunity.

What am I saying? It already is.

I could be wrong, but wasn’t that for the (final) 8.0.40 update only…?

No. I can’t remember what the thread was about, but the Steinberg rep specifically mentioned an 8.5.20 release was due out shortly …

I can’t help but wonder why Steinberg isn’t a little bit more communicative on issues like these. The absence of their input leads to considerable speculation and, at times, frustration and even anger. I fully understand that they don’t want to pin themselves down in a way that could cause them subsequent grief, but a simple sticky post that makes clear the intention and status of major activities like pending updates (sans any dates!) seems reasonable enough.

I guess you mean this thread?

One of the posters in it said he received an email from support saying that they would be releasing 8.0.40 during the first week of May. It’s the third week of may now… bah

I wonder if the Quicktime for Windows shenanigans has delayed things.


Actually they are being way more communicative than most other DAW companies out there who won’t give you even a peep…

I just love that word. :laughing:

One could argue it’s about treating one’s customers respectfully, not a race to the basement of customer relations.

There’s an official statement in the Nuendo forum regarding Nuendo 7.0.40 release, corresponding to Cubase 8.0.40 which should be out about the same time.

This was posted April 28, so it should be out during this week. But please note that this has nothing to do with 8.5.20 (I have not read anything about that release). But anyone waiting for 8.0.40 should be very close now…

Hi all,

here’s any update on the 7.0.40 release.

Due to a late fix we had to consider for this maintenance release (related to a buffer size switch), we cannot
keep the current release date of 7.0.40, which I promised for next week. There might be a delay of 7-10 days.

Kind Regards,

Any ideas what’s going to be addressed in the next release?