ETA on 8.0.20?

Steinberg: Can you at least tell us if it’s done and in beta?


The maintenance update 8.0.10 was just released around 3 and a half weeks ago. The short answer is, not yet.

I guess you’re too busy working on Cubase 9 :wink:

while examining all the feature requests. :wink:

No disrespect but, I hate these kinds of answers. You make it sound like a release every 3.5 weeks would be too often. These are expected maintenance releases to fix stuff that was messed up in the original release. Not “full blown” new releases.

I’ve said it before… weekly maintenance releases should be doable. In the Steinberg CB engineering office… whatever got fixed last week test it this week and, if acceptable, release it. The result… :smiley: customers.

Users can then choose to update their software weekly or wait for whenever they want to do it.

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What are you guys finding wrong that you need the .2 update asap?

For me… I do wish they “re-added” the “Always on Top” option for the MixConsole. That would make CB mucho better as far as my screen layout and workflow is concerned.

I really don’t need an update asap. I just think that updates should/can be issued more frequently. One per week may not be necessary but… can’t hurt.

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Nope, its Nuendo :wink:

Hey there, sadly I haven’t heard anything about a Cubase 9 yet. Sorry.

I’m on a day off, hence the short answer. Sorry if I was missunderstood. I preferred not to speculate before having a solid clue about it. There is nothing wrong with expecting the following maintenance update to be released soon IMO, but on the contrary.

Update: Steinberg is working on the next maintenance update, but until it’s ready I can’t specify which features are included or what has been fixed with it. The beta testers can access the latest builds through the corresponding official beta channels at anytime, where applicable.

Have a nice weekend guys. All the best,

Thanks so much for responding, Felipe! And on a weekend, no less.

It sounds like maybe there is an “iterative” process where a release like 8.0.20 would be open for revisions, based on beta tester findings, until close to the very end of release? Or, does it get closed off at a certain point with then a relatively longer testing period?

I’m not at all expecting an answer to this, but thought I’d at least see if it was something you could share. :smiley:


It depends. An update patch is usually closed before the release and undergoes a verification ‘cool-down’ period (this was particularly long for 8.0.10).

During this period the patch is usually not modified - still, it can be re-opened and the release can even be postponed. This is a rare occurrence, as when a version is closed the next one is already being developed - so if an issue is found at that stage, it will make it to the Issues & Solutions doc rather than block the release (unless a show-stopper or something serious yet not needing a long time to be fixed and tested).

[Edit: the sentence in parenthesis was incorrect, fixed ]

What a great reply. Thanks, Fabio.

Sounds like a very nimble and sensible approach, but also wise; best of both worlds.