ETA on 8.5 maintenance update?

I really gave it a good try to run C8.5, but the bugs have forced me to revert back to 8.
The automation = no output issue was worst case scenario as I entered a mixing gig.
Any idea on when the next update will be released?

No, but a guess a few months…

Is 8 still available for download if I can’t get on with 8.5? My main problem is total audio failure regularly when changing routing.

I’m getting quite a few significant bugs in Cubase 8.5, myself. I hope that Steinberg are aware of these and that they’re fixed in the next patch.

  • A lot tracks suddenly not playing audio, while other can still play audio - but if I open the wav editor for a track that’s not playing audio, the audio will play in the wav editor. I had to reset my PC for Cubase 8.5 to start playing all my audio again.

  • Fades not working on a bunch of tracks - they’re just being ignored by Cubase, so they have no effect. On some other tracks they work fine. I had to make new audio tracks and bounce my audio to them to be able to get the fades working.

  • Undo automation edits seems to not work. When I accidentally drag an automation line (which has happened quite a lot lately), using Edit -> Undo to undo the automation edit doesn’t actually undo the automation edit. The option to undo the automation edit appears, but when I select to undo it, the actual edit doesn’t undo. If it’s a lot of work to fix the edit, the best way for me to get it back to how it was is to close the project without saving, and reload the project from a recent save.