Ethernet Connection to Computer

Forgive me this isn’t really a Cubase question; but, for the record, I am running Cubase 7.5 and MacPro 10.8.5. What I’m dealing with is the Focusrite Control 2802 which features an ethernet connection to the Mac. I can’t get my computer to recognize the 2802, install the driver, and I’m lost. After staring at this thing for two days, emailing Focusrite, approaching it from every position, live chatting, I’ve decided that it may be the IP address I’m using. I don’t know anything about this so I turn to you people who over the years have helped me the most.

If the driver registers it as an audio device with the OS it should be seen from the DAW, I don’t do mac at all and that Ethernet stuff sounds complicated but there’s a trick to it somewhere. It’s been used for years by interfaces to communicate with their control boxes in proprietary versions.

Did you open a support ticket with Focusrite? I found them very helpful when I was shopping for an interface and I wasn’t a customer.

Fancy bit of kit there, be nice when it gets going.

I did have an extended conversation with Foucusrite support and they were most helpful. It is a complicated bit of equipment. This issue involves matching the IP address in the console with the IP address in the computer network and then changing the subnet and router settings. Quite complex and I didn’t find it in the manual, but I was doing what so many do–scanning the manual for the particular problem rather than reading it completely. Like they say: RTFM. Thanks for your interest.