Ethnic Woodwinds sample pack

Hi -

I’ve just released this sample pack of Ethnic Woodwind loops through Loopmasters. The woodwind was recorded through a Neve 1073SPX into Neve Libra console using Cubase. Mics used were 2xAKG414XLII’s and a AKG414XLS.

Both melodyne and variaudio were used as each performed better on certain flutes.

Lots of use of cycle markers and Cubase’s ability to auto name stuff on export! Very handy. Woodwind includes Bass Flute; Mizwad; Native American Flute; various Panpipes and Overtone Flute.

Woodwind was performed by Ethnic Woodwind specialist Max Gittings.


Hey Michael, this is an advertisement, right? Good luck.

It’s made with Cubase so I’m posting it in the forum. If someone wants to ask me Cubase related questions about it I’m happy to answer them.

The pack was not only mixed and mastered by me using Cubase but the studio I went to, to record the pack uses Cubase. No doubt I’ll post the next pack here too which was recorded through Steinberg’s AXR4U :smiley: