EuCon 3.2... Parameter offset issue!

Anyone else notice that the channel eq ‘Q’ parameter displayed on the Artist Control is not in sync with Cubase 7.5.30?

It is + (.3) on the Artist Control, so (1.0) displayed in Cubase reads (1.3) on the Artist Control. :confused:

Is there a way to sync this parameter (all parameters) between the DAW and the control surface?

The ‘return to zero’ (press the rotary controller knob top) works, but still displays this +(.3) offset!

I’ve tried reverting back to the previous firmware and EuControl 3.0.1 ( from 3.2), but it is the same!

any ideas, or better yet…solutions?


I was complaining about this earlier this summer ( see the bottom of page one) and NOBODY seemed the slightest bit concerned about this. There is no version of Eucon 3.x and above where the readings matched. When I asked why this was I was told it didn’t make any difference because the offset was so small. But, to me, if it doesn’t match, then its not right.

As Eucon is now a PT device, it is highly unlikely that this will EVER be corrected. So, I don’t bother using any of the knobs on my MC Control, they’re inaccurate and slow. The trackball is much faster and more efficient! :frowning: