EuCon 3 (API3) - 64-bit support only!

Dear customers,

To be able to use your Steinberg software e.g. Cubase Pro or Nuendo in conjunction with an Avid EuCon remote controller,
you´ll need to install the relevant EuCon software.

For EuCon version 3 the installation requires a 64-bit operating systems. Since Cubase 8.0.20 and Nuendo 7 the new EuCon API3 is in use. Please note that the API3 supports 64bit applications only! According to Avid, no 32-bit support is planned for any future release.

Can’t wait for Protools| Dock to be released … This is gonna be a fabulous controller for Cubase 8.5 !!

Yes, the S3 is already excellent with Cubase and hopefully the Dock will be a great addition. Have to say though, I tried the current Avid iPad app and it crashes immediately as soon as I have more than 36 tracks and I access the ‘Tracks’ page. Hopefully they’ll get it sorted before the Dock gets released.

Still, I do wish Steinberg would make an S3 type controller!

My Avid Artist mix keeps crashing with Cubase 8.5 64.
Is this a Steinberg or Avid issue?

All I can tell you is that the latest EuCon is rock solid for me with C8.5 and Win10 (Avid S3 and Artist Transport). Was it running well for you before C8.5?

I found c8 to run much better and be more stable compared to c8.5.

I never had the crash issues I have now in 8.5.

Affer uninstalling eucon I still have same issues. According to Steinberg this time is because of openGl gui plugs. But it happened even if my Cpu is at 60/70%. Moreover projects working fine in c8 now crash in c8.5.

Sorry again it turned out it was plug in alliance plugs that drove my system haywire. Eucon chaos was just a consequence.

Which plugin crashes your system?

What version of eucon are you running in Cubase Pro 8.5 and where can it be downloaded from? I have 8.5 but eucon cannot be loaded from devices then add eucon. It says no relevant eucon software could be found.

When will we see the mixer mirror/track visibility, promised by Guillermo

Isn’t it obvious that which tracks are shown, on the control surface, should mirror the visibility settings in the MixConsol? Why on, on earth, would anyone hide channels in the MixConsol and still have them clutter up the control surface.

If Nektar can get it right, with the Panorama, why can’t Steinberg? It’s such an easy fix!!

I’m not sure if i understand this right:

EuCon APi 3 = only 64 Bit -> Operating System = 64 Bit (for me: Win7 64 Bit) -> Cubase Pro 8 = 64 Bit?

I’ve running Cubase Pro 8.0.4 and Cubase Pro 8.5.2 parallel to prevent some potential compatibility issues. And i’m on 32 Bit for both versions.

Cubase Pro 8.0.4 32 Bit works with the newest EuCon Software (3.4.x) but Cubase Pro 8.5.2 not. Why? Should’nt Cubase Pro 8.0.4 32 Bit work either?

Please help :smiley:

Yes, PLEASE can we have an update on this from Guillermo or somebody else at Steinberg? Seeing as we now have EuCon version 3 in place, is it now technically possible to implement this? Will it ever happen?


I wonder when will Steinberg finally fix the Avid Transport behaviour of the jog wheel in Cubase. This has been a problem in older versions of Cubase also as I have learned from searching on the forums. The Snap On/Off setting has no effect on events when the jog is in Move, Trim Head or Trim Tail modes, WHILE in Slip, Fade In and Fade Out modes it functions accordingly. Is it just me or is this really annoying to anyone else ?

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is it now technically possible to implement this? Will it ever happen?