Eucon Adapter for N5-64bi/ Win7 64bit?

Any News From Steinberg on releasing the Eucon Adapter that can work with Nuendo5 64bit on Win7 64bit?

That actually will be coming from Avid/Euphonix.
What hardware are you looking to use with N5?

This is for System 5 MC. and this is the respond I got from Euphonix/avid support

"Steinberg have not released a 64 bit EuCon adapter. You can only run Nuendo 32 bit with EuCon on Win 65 bit OS. "

I know about N32, My quastion is about N64.

Got it.
Well now that Avid has aquired Euphonix and having to make versions for Pro Tools users on both Mac and PC platforms, I am sure it will be coming.
Good luck


please someone tell us more if there is anything planned!

I heard that in the end of January there is new release for Eucon that may include that.

hi shauli.

Do you run N5 32 bit with Win7 64?. Does the Eucon protocol work?.

I cannot run it with N4 32 on Win7 64 bit. No connection between Nuendo and my MC pro. Just curoius if upgrading to N5 would solve it. I’ve got a feeling that Eucon protocol for Win7 64 bit wasn’t properly tested with Nuendo 4.

Work very well for us Win 7 64 / N5 32, as well as Nuendo 4 32. If I remember correctly you need to clean re install the Eucon drivers for Nuendo to see it in the setup.

I’ll have to switch from seven/N5-64 to seven/N5-32. Do you know if I can keep N5-64 and install N5-32 apart ?

If not, has someone done this switch ?


yes, I got both installed on the same computer.

I couldn´t make the Nuendo communicate with MC Pro on Win 7 64bit with 64 bit EuCon drivers installed, although Pro Tools 9 worked fine. Here´s a reply from Euphonix support…

"If they are using Win7 64bit they should install the following:


When installing you need to disable UAC to install and configure correctly, this is done as follows:

Go to User Account Control Settings.

Type in UAC, or go to the System and Security applet.

Click on the “Change User Account Control Settings” link.

To turn off UAC, move the slider to the Never notify position, and then click OK. If you’re prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

Also it’s worth getting the client to update their Licence Control Center, this is part of the Nuendo copy protection system that Steinberg use.

The client should also install the EuCon licence last. If they have had it installed previously they may also need to go into the Device Manager in Nuendo and remove the previous EuCon device and reintroduce it."

Shauli, can you confirm that you´re succesfully running Nuendo with MC Pro (or 5-MC) on Win 7 64bit? Thanks


I have a stable Nuendo 5.1/64 install and am trying to add a Euphonix -eucon controller. I’ve downloaded the license to my licenser, installed the latest EuCon Adaptor (6.1), installed the latest Avid EuControl Software and updated the frimware.

The EuControl software recognizes the controller and the controller recognizes whatever software is in focus, but no Eucon in the Nuendo Device manager add tab (either 32 or 64 bit).

What am I missing?


In case anyone is following this thread, this problem was resolved by doing the Nuendo 5.5 update and re-installing the new Eucon adapter from the Nuendo site.