EUCON and Cubase 11


Why is EUCON so highly praised?
Any examples of what EUCON-enabled devices are capable of that HUI devices would be able to achieve in combination with Cubase 11?

I use a HUI controller now but find the Avid S3 interesting.

Fader resolution is 1024 in Eucon, 128 in others.
It also used to be impossible to select and open plugin GUI from MCP/HUI, but I guess this had changed sometime ago?

Thanks. And I dont think you can open a plugin GUI with HUI…

Oh, then it is quite handy.
With a few button press you can open GUI for selected plugin and its’ parameters will be on the lcd and encoders.
Shift+flip then you get parameters on the fader, press “rec ready” next to the fader and there you are ready to write parameters as automation. It works something like this.
The order of the parameters can be stored as a preset using “remote control editor” on drop down box of each plugin gui, that is global so you only need to do it once and comes back on another project.

Do you have an ipad or android tablet?

If so download the free Avid app and you’ll see everything Eucon offers, and can maybe help you decide on the hardware then:-

It goes MUCH deeper than HUI in regards to sends, inserts, instruments, macros (soft keys) etc. There’s more characters displayed, which makes navigating a project/parameters easier too - that’s one of the big features of Eucon for me vs HUI/MCU.

HUI faced resolution is 14 bits : 16384 steps.

HUI is not Midi CC 128 steps 7 bits resolution !

HUI is 14 bits : 16384 steps.

Only the high 10 bits from 14 bits are required in the transmission. This mean a 1024 steps minimum required protocol resolution.

The same for MCU protocol.

Real resolution is dependent from hardware implementation. I think it’s probably 10 bits or more for recent hardware but could be 9 bits for older control surfaces.

Eucon protocol resolution is 32 bits float or 32 bits integer. Real resolution depends about implementation (and more importantly real resolution and quality of faders).

It’s probably better to have a good quality 10 bits fader using HUI or MCU protocol than a bad 16 bit fader using Eucon ! This is a post from Nuendo forum.