Eucon artist and C6 issue?

I just loaded C6 and added the new adapter, my artist series are the latest firmware.

i have an mc mix, mc controller, mc mix, mc transport lined up

in cubase i added 20 tracks to line up with the 20 faders (like my old template in 5) in a rox across the units from left to right

on th artist series the naming of tracks is wrong

track 1 says track 1 and lines up with track 1 in cubase

track 2 says 12 then 3 says 13, then 14, 15 etc

but when i pull fader 2 it does move fader 2 in cubase on track 2

so is the new adapter messed up? anyone else seeing this?

when i switched back to logic 9 and PT 9 they lined up perfectly

any ideas?