EuCon Artist Control not following track selection on the touchscreen


Using Nuendo 11.0.41 (latest version as of this post), and EuCon version 2021.10.1.29 (latest as of this post).

Artist Control latest firmware OSX 11.6.4 Big Sur.

The incorrect behavior is as follows:

When selecting a channel to pan, for example, it does not change channel, it keeps panning a previous channel,and no matter what you select, it permanently is only affecting that channel.

Session is only 4 audio channels and one virtual instrument. Artist Control is stuck controlling only one channels panning, even after selecting a different channel with the Artist Control.

It seems the touchscreen pan control, which is tied to the touch sensitive knobs simply always stays with the one channel.

Crossposting on the Avid DUC forum as well.

Thanks for any help.

Tried on another test session with more tracks, same result. The touchscreen and touch sensitive knobs only control one channel, and do not control any others.

In this other test session, it only controlled channel 16, but no others.

Touching the assign / select button on the fader section does select the correct channel in Nuendo. But the knobs do not change to the new channel., they stay with channel 16 all the time.

Seems I solved it.

The option for “Attention most recently selected track (legacy)” was unchecked after installing this latest version.

Once I checked it, the touchscreen and control knobs now properly follow the track selection.