Eucon Control Surface Visibility

Can anyone with Cubase 9 and an Avid/Eucon control surface please verify if the faders on the control surface now follow the visibility of the cubase project?


Doesn’t seem to be fixed - checked with the iPad app. I’m waiting for this to be fixed, really want to purchase a PT dock… :frowning:

I looked, and euconadapter.dll for C9 is a newer version ( than the one that came with C8.5 (

Looks like more waiting…

Hmmm, what’s going on with this!? I’ve seen people complaining about it before and it seems like we have been waiting a while to get this issue fixed…

Yes, I was hoping this would be implemented in Cubase 9 but sadly not.

J-s-q how well does the s3 and artist transport work in c9?

Overall it’s excellent. Very flexible, really good for plugin control.

The biggest downside is lack of visibility function, as discussed in this thread. However I have found a reasonable workaround using some software called Autohotkey. See this for an example:

I use the Transport mainly as a monitor controller (with Control Room).