Eucon crashing C13

anyone using Eucon and C13. ? I have had 3/4 DWOD crashes in the last 2 days , and found out it Eucon . there has been an update for Mac OS14 and Eucon , so could be that . how are other users doing with Eucon

I’m on windows 11 and it seems OK here.


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does your surround panner work on a PC ?

never tried it as i don’t do surround work :slight_smile: I would imagine unless you’ve set up your 5.1/7.1 etc outputs then it wouldn’t work anyway.

Have you got your outputs setup this way?


Yes I have 5.1 and quad , iPad planner doesn’t work at all , even with stereo it should work Left Right

true. I’ll give it try later when i get to the studio. I have an ipad with the avid app.

Does it work in Cubase 12?


Same here,Dock and S1 all work fine.

Working fine here with the avid app . Panning works as expected in stereo.


can anyone test this ? its a simple project no data , video Below,

Open Project removing the 4 Distortion plugs via the Avid control App ,
Then Close the project
some time you have to re open an run the test 3/4 times to get the crash Thx

Eucon Test 5 audio tracks (78.0 KB)

Can I please check if leaving the main iPad running Avid Control on the “Monitoring" tab stops the Avid Control app from interacting with Cubase’s plug-ins, channel info etc ? I ask this because I have been working all day without a single crash, soon after changing to the “Channel” tab Cubase froze SWOD

Cubase 13-2023-11-23-111508.ips (245.9 KB)