Eucon crashing C13

anyone using Eucon and C13. ? I have had 3/4 DWOD crashes in the last 2 days , and found out it Eucon . there has been an update for Mac OS14 and Eucon , so could be that . how are other users doing with Eucon

I’m on windows 11 and it seems OK here.


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does your surround panner work on a PC ?

never tried it as i don’t do surround work :slight_smile: I would imagine unless you’ve set up your 5.1/7.1 etc outputs then it wouldn’t work anyway.

Have you got your outputs setup this way?


Yes I have 5.1 and quad , iPad planner doesn’t work at all , even with stereo it should work Left Right

true. I’ll give it try later when i get to the studio. I have an ipad with the avid app.

Does it work in Cubase 12?


Same here,Dock and S1 all work fine.

Working fine here with the avid app . Panning works as expected in stereo.


can anyone test this ? its a simple project no data , video Below,

Open Project removing the 4 Distortion plugs via the Avid control App ,
Then Close the project
some time you have to re open an run the test 3/4 times to get the crash Thx

Eucon Test 5 audio tracks (78.0 KB)

Can I please check if leaving the main iPad running Avid Control on the “Monitoring" tab stops the Avid Control app from interacting with Cubase’s plug-ins, channel info etc ? I ask this because I have been working all day without a single crash, soon after changing to the “Channel” tab Cubase froze SWOD

Cubase 13-2023-11-23-111508.ips (245.9 KB)

its quad and above not working

It’s been randomly disappearing since C13 for me. Have it on two iPads controlling tandem c13 Mac Mini M1 rig.

Win 11 Pro with s1 and Android tablet working here. Maybe it’s OSX-specific then.

Have you checked on the Avid forum?

I have been in touch direct with the Eucon team at Avid . they can reproduce my crush on quit, but we’re unable to crash Cubase, like I can using the iPad to add and remove plugins , but said they are working on it Finder X as it such a great set up

Cubase 13-2024-01-11-141414.ips (154.6 KB)
Crashed upon entry while loading a song.

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Hi @scharters7381

Sorry to hear you are experiencing a crash when loading a project. Is this every time you’re loading the project? If yes could you send me this project in private via wetransfer?

This problem has nothing to do with Eucon nonetheless. Let’s keep things tidy here and focus on crashes likely due to the Eucon adapter.


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No it’s the first time. I uploaded the ips since it may be related. Thanks for confirming it’s not.

New Crash today , C13 just quit as I was added a Send to a track , not sure if its link to Eucon , I did have Eucon running but was add a send via the mouse

Cubase 13-2024-01-25-114519.ips (515.9 KB)

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Sorry to hear about your crash @grayedout . This is unlikely related to Eucon but the information I get here is quite vague. Ideally now you’re able to identify a way to reproduce it, otherwise I’m afraid we cannot say much for now.


ok , thx , its the 1st time this has happen , as I clicked the send on/off button C13 quit :frowning: