Eucon doesnt appear in devices drop down list

Eucon doesn’t appear in the devices list for Cubase 7.5 but works in Cubase 6. Any reason why this is, and how to fix? Thanks


Still have 7.0.7, but EUCON is already in the devicelist.
Assume must be in 7.5.20 as well.

According to the messages, there is no add. software to load into Cubase from 6.0.7 upward.


After you install or re-install (after trashing preferences) Cubase (any version) the remote controls are not installed by default!

You must go to Devices / Device Setup / Remote Devices /… and then click the plus sign (+) in the upper left corner of the dialog box, and then finally choose EuCon from the drop down list.


Yes that’s my problem that it doesn’t appear in the drop down list in 7.5. It appears in the drop down list in 6.5 however.

Okay… now I understand!

Since the EuCon Adapter is part of the Cubase 7.5 installer, it should have been installed with Cubase 7.5 if the option was properly ticked to be installed during the beginning part of the install… I don’t remember if I had to manually do it myself, or if it was already ticked by default …

AFAIR… If you re-run the Cubase 7.5 full installer (not an update)… it will give you the option to install just the EuCon Adapter by itself!