EuCon layouts change when VSTi slot assignments change


if I change the number of audio outputs of a loaded mulit-timbral VSTi or the order of the VSTis themselves, the EuCon layouts change, too -according to my VSTi-changes. To make this clear, maybe someone (or the Nuendo support) could confirm this by performing the following test. I’m using my MC Mix and Spectrasonics VSTis for it:

-Create a new, empty Nuendo session
-Load a VSTi in the first VSTi slot. Activate all outputs (e.g. 8 outputs with Spectrasonics instruments)
-Create a EuCon layout, assign the (first 8) audio output channels to the faders, save the layout
-repeat the last two steps two times, but leaving the second VSTi-slot EMPTY

now there are 3 instruments, loaded into vsti-slots 1, 3 and 4; with an 8-ch-EuCon layout each
-save the session, close it, re-open it
-in my case EuCon layouts 2 and 3 already have mistakes. In case yours don’t:
-load the fouth VSTi in the empty vst-slot #2 and activate some more outputs, maybe 4.
-save the session, close it, CLOSE NUENDO, open Nuendo, re-open the session.
-check your EuCon layouts. In my case: layout 1 is ok, 2 and 3 are evn more out of assignment.

Can someone confirm this?
This is really bad, because right now I’m not able to reconfigure the VST-slots without changing my EuCon layouts.

@dogcatstudios: if you do this test, what about the layouts in EuCon Pro?

Thanks guys! Matthias