Eucon - Please, come on Steinberg!

When are Steinberg going into implement the hide track feature to follow on the avid artist mix and control?

Can we have it before you get completely lost and forgotten with the Console 1 controller please? This has been a long running plea from all the avid users who just get disheartened when you announce full support for another supporter with out thinking of the many users who have made substantial investments in avid artist multi units.

It’s been a while and not a whisper from SB on this often asked for update.

Surely it wouldn’t take some one with a in depth knowledge of the eucon protocol (after all it was a Steinberg development initially) to just knock up the right macro to implement it behind the scenes!

It’s the one major dissapointment that’s just getter a deeper major dissapointment and would be real step forward to be showing and hiding Channels and a great intergrated work flow enhancement for the many many people who invested in that protocol.

Yes - would be great if the EuCon protocol really becomes the attention it would need (of both, Steinberg and AVID) because these controllers are very common and mainly used by professionals! And this folks like tools which work longtime because there is no benefit with the new gimmicks without really new functions (only a benefit for the manufacturer because the new hardware costs).

Yes - there are many pros who will be thankfull if the great idea of the EuCon protocol (much better via ethernet than the usb bus solutions) is enhanced in the future.

Remote has been dead since yamaha bought steinberg. Not even basic maintenance. I was surprised with the announcement of console 1 integration. Lets hope it is a major overhaul of everything remote.



Wanting and waiting for this for ages!