EuCon Project Pop-up and ASIO For All

Hi. I’ve recently started seeing a pop-up appearing saying “Building EuCon project” when Cubase (Pro 12 in Windows 10) is either loading or saving a project.

What’s that where did it come from?! It’s also seems to be slowing everything up.

That said, I have also very recently installed ASIO For All (although I’m not currently selecting it as the Cubase interface driver) and that also seems to be slowing-up loading and saving.

The only other change I’ve made in the past couple of weeks is the upgrade to Cubase vs 12.0.50.

Any thoughts, please?

Eucon shouldn’t be there if you haven’t enabled it’s extension. It’s so Avid controllers of iPad app can work.

Many thanks.

I actually uninstalled Eucon because I don’t know how it got there and I don’t have any Apple gear, so I thought it was just another things potentially slowing-up Cubase. But was uninstalling it a good idea?! Now when I load Cubase, it seems to be instructing me to re-install it it. But where did it come from and, if i don’t need it, how can I stop Cubase wanting it installed?!

Separately, when loading, Cubase is also telling me that “Sequel Content” (whatever that is!) has expired. Again, I don’t recall installing it - as I say, I don’t know what it is. Should I attempt to update it or remove it altogether (although I don’t know where to look)?

“Eucon” is Avid’s external controller protocol. It’s used with their s1, s3, s4 and s6 hardware controllers as well as their Eucontrol software (not the protocol/driver).

Perhaps go here and make sure it doesn’t show up:

If it keeps asking you to reinstall it then perhaps for some reason at some point you saved a project or template with it enabled and now it loads as if it’s supposed to be there.

PS: I’m assuming you don’t use Avid gear…

Thanks, MattiasNYC.

I took a look in Studio Set Up and have now deleted from there and the prompt has gone away. I did have a version of pro Tools lite installed - and that must be where EuCon came from. But I don’t use it, so deleting it seemed sensible. Thanks for the useful steer on that.

I still can’t find the reason for the “Sequel Content” expiring. I don’t tend to download anything on a test basis; and I don’t know what or where it is on my PC - or how to re-register it, if that’s needed.

I guess I should pay more attention to what’s being loaded on my PC!

I usually don’t use that type of content (VSTi) so I’m really not that great at knowing where it ends up, but I think there’s a “Library Manager” or something like that and it can probably point you to where it’s located.

Again though, if you get a pop-up of some sort when you’re running your DAW it’s usually because the DAW is expecting to find something somewhere, in this case maybe a license. So it’s probably best to start at that end - see if you have that content installed as a VSTi or library or whatever, and simply make sure Cubase doesn’t expect to see it, same as with Eucon. And then I think you should be fine. Wish I could help more with that.

Many thanks, MattiasNYC. I will take a look.