Eucon S1 SOFTKEYS work and then NOT WORK ANYMORE

Hi there,

I got an issue with my EUCON S1 controller with Nuendo 12 (I guess the same problem would happen in Cubase Pro as well).

I’ve set some softkeys in the EUCON app softkeys menu, everything work fine for a time (a few minutes generally) and then none of the softkeys work anymore until I restart my entire session. The controller keeps working (faders, button, etc), everything but the SOFTKEYS…

Any idea about this bug ?

Thanks to everyone.

Hi @MikeNuendo,

As EUCON is integrated in a different way, there is no relation to the MIDI Remote system I’m afraid.

Bests, Jochen

Hi @Jochen_Trappe,

Thanks for your feedback, I’ve changed the tagging, I didn’t really know what to put in as tags, but still got this issue, any idea ?


I can ask inhouse

Thanks a lot !

can you please share this bug also in the EUCON Update! - #193 by chednb thread? Thanks a lot