Eucon working?

I just upgraded to 6 from 5.5.2 and everything except eucon is working great, eucon does not show up as a choice in my remote devices anymore. i have the latest eucon firmware etc

is eucon working and if so how did you get it working?


ok sorry added the new adapter and it works, however the tracks don’t match the order they should

i have an MC mix so it used to be tracks 1-8, then an mc control v 2 for tracks 9-12, then another mc mix for 13-20 etc

now the first mc mix shows audio track 1, then track 13 14 15 16 etc

but when i pull the fader for 2 on the mc mix, which actually says 13 it pulls 2 in cubase

all artist series have the latest firmware


still not working

on the first mc mix track 1 is on 1 then it goes to 12,13 ,14, 15 etc

yet pulling track 2 fader on the mix moves track 2 in cubase

so track naming is not matching up

and yes my artist series are on the latest and yes they are lined up properly in eucon settings

when i switch to Logic 9 or PT 9 they line up perfectly

any ideas?