EuControl v. 3.3.1 update available


New update - handling the “touch+fader=0dB issue” - available for download.

EuControl Software Package Version 3.3.1
•Adds new Pro Tools | Control app features such as: double tap fader cap to reset faders to 0dB, Mac/PC application connection status indicator, and Share functionality
•Improved meter performance when focusing between EUCON and non-EUCON applications with Pro Tools | Control app
•Improved performance when resetting surface fader to 0db using SHIFT + fader cap touch
•Various other fixes
•Note: Make sure the firmware on Artist Series and S3 control surfaces is up to date after installing EuControl 3.3.1


Any bug fixes are always welcome.

On a related note, Avid’s free “PT | Control” iPad app presents itself as a EuCon device to the EuControl driver, so Cubase actually sees it and tries to interface with it. However, it crashes Cubase (8.0.20… have not tried with 8.0.30 yet). I think it could fully work if the EuCon Adapter in Cubase was updated for compatibility.